Franch EOOD

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When providing consultancy regarding European programs and EU Funds, we work together with FRANCH EOOD - a consulting company specialized in the preparation and management of investment projects for businesses, funded by the EU.

Manager of Franch EOOD is Maria Dimova who has a 14-year experience in the field of European funding, starting as early as the first programs – SAPARD and PHARЕ. In this period she has consulted over 100 projects successfully accomplished and settled with an average investment value of over BGN 1 000 000 per project. They are mostly in the field of agriculture, processing industry, rural areas, tourism, etc. funded by RDP 2007-2013, OP DCBE 2007-2013, OP Human Resource Development 2007-2013.

Franch EOOD was established in 2015 and applies an actual individual approach to each project and client. For the first year of operation the company consulted investment projects valued at BGN 16 000 000, and the first of them have already been approved for provision of grants. Franch EOOD is confident, competent and experienced to select the projects it works on and to offer a realistic analysis of the chances for success of each idea, rather than merely providing information on the numerous opportunities of EU funding; to share its experience as to how EU funds can actually be a “trampoline” for each business, not a “bureaucratic” trap.

If you need consulting about grants under the Rural Development Program 2014-2020 and Operational Program “Innovations and Competitiveness” 2014-2020, which are priority programs for the company, or you have an investment project seeking EU funding, do not hesitate to contact us.

Franch EOOD can offer you a comprehensive approach to your project comprising legal and financial expertise during all the phases of realization of the project.