Labor Law

• drafting of employment contracts;

• advising on organization of working hours, holidays and leaves in the enterprise;

• drafting of Internal Organization Rules in the enterprise;

• advising on application of the requirements for healthy and safe labor conditions;

• drafting of annexes, orders and other documents requisite for long-term leaves of employees abroad;

• termination of the employment relationshi

p – advising on the legal options for employment contract termination, drafting of the requisite notices and orders; • disciplinary liability of workers and employees – advising on the lawful ascertainment of violations of labor discipline and imposition of disciplinary sanctions;

• engaging liability for damage caused by the employer;

• advising on the rights of workers and employees in enterprises with more than 50 workers and employees;

• representation in the conduct of negotiations for entering into collective employment contracts;

• assistance and representation in settlement of collective employment disputes;