Bank Law

• advice and assistance in negotiating credit terms or other types of financing business projects;

• comprehensive due diligence of current credit agreements, assessment of options for refinancing;

• assistance in disputes with banks - unfair terms, improper bank operations on loan repayment and interest accrual, unregulated change in contractual terms of the loan;

• advising and negotiating upon conclusion, modification and termination of bank transactions and creating a security in favor of the banks;

• examining, drafting, and payment demand of bank guarantees;

• assistance in issues related to payment transactions - unspecified/erroneous transactions, unfinished transactions default of banks and operators of payment systems;

• assistance and legal representation in cases of unauthorized (not authorized by the holder) transactions with the funds in a bank deposit or payment account, including those carried out in electronic (internet) banking;

• assistance and legal representation in cases of unauthorized transactions by bank card, including operations carried out in a virtual POS terminal.

• Representation of banks, business entities and individuals in court litigation with regard to bank operations and transactions;