Real estate, Urban Planning, Construction

Real Estate

• Drafting a Real-estate analysis and/or real-estate due diligence statement;

• Analysis of the ownership chronological analysis of ownership rights;

• Analysis on possible third parties’ claims;

• Analysis of inheritance relations with regard to specific asset;

• Analysis procedures on restitution of ownership rights over expropriated real estate;

• Analysis of privatization transactions and the disposal rights of the owner of assets acquired through privatization transaction;

Preparation of documents and assistance in real estate transactions – preliminary agreement, certificates, sketches, tax assessments, project deed etc.;

• Consultations and assistance with regard to procedure of obtaining mortgage loans for acquisition of real estate, real-estate investment or other purpose;

• Assistance, procedural representation, court representation with regard to restitution procedures;

• Financial and legal analysis related to local taxes and fees on real estate; recommendations for financial optimization of personal and corporate expenses related to local taxes and fees;

Spatial planning

• Urbanistic analysis of ownership and investment projects ;

• Advice and assistance in procedures for admission, preparation, adoption and/or amendment of spatial development plans;

• Analysis of current buildings and structures in terms of their legal status and status of “permissible building”;

• Advice and assistance in regard of procedures of changing of the designation of real estate, including agricultural land and forest land;

• Advice and assistance on environmental issues;


• Entire assistance in all the phases of investment process;

• Contracting between the participants of the construction process, incl. under FIDIC rules;

• Business negotiations and dispute settling;